Friday, 25 January 2019

Actian : Products

Could one database altogether deal with your propelled business? Not if you need to remain mindful of all your business trades while moreover exploiting new data sources from online life, customer lead, and even sensors. Not if you have operational applications requiring strict consistence and uptime while distinctive applications ask for status and versatility. You require an extent of data the board courses of action that are the best fit and emerge for your particular business frames. That is what Actian offers!

Actian X Crossbreed Database

The new Ingres! The fundamental social database that continues passing on attempted review faithful quality and headway to essential Fortune 100 customers – it just doesn't break! Directly with the world's speediest coherent engine.

Actian Zen Embedded Database

The new PSQL! A little impression SQL and NoSQL database with zero association overhead, ideal for embeddings in applications by SMBs.

Actian NoSQL Thing Database

An endeavor class object-orchestrated NoSQL database, some time back known as Versant, most proper for movement or graph arranged applications in which the data show is critical to execution and convenience.

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