Friday, 25 January 2019

Barracuda : About Us : Enterprise-quality, cloud-ready security solutions : How Barracuda began

Barracuda was moved to give associations an email-security game plan that didn't cost a little fortune. With more than 1 million cloud-engaged things passed on since, we continue annoying the IT-security exhibit with innovative courses of action that every business can oversee. We're resolved to guarantee customers, data and applications from the present moved perils by giving the most intensive and easy to-use IT-security stage and sponsorship it up with emerge customer support.
Barracuda's first spam and disease firewall thing transformed into the world's most commonly sent response for on-premises email security. Today, we continue offering basic, broad and moderate responses for email affirmation, data protection and framework and application security. More than 150,000 overall customers put their trust in Barracuda to help shield their laborers, data and applications.
Senior part Drako, Michael Perone and Zach Levow were running an ISP in 2002 and couldn't find a moderate spam-blocking thing to anchor their free endeavor. So the gathering developed its own answer in a little Los Altos office disregarding a porch close to a Mexican diner that much of the time filled in as the association meeting room. In perspective of their success, the three after a short time recognized they could outfit associations of all sizes with an email-security game plan that wasn't expensive or complex—the idea for Barracuda was imagined.

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