Friday, 25 January 2019

Dynatrace : Unified REST API for adding cluster nodes

Since it tends to be a test to keep up information consistency while adding another hub to a group, we've actualized a component that guarantees that new bunch hubs are possibly included when a group is in a steady state. This way to deal with adding new hubs is similar to the controlled way to deal with hub evacuation that we presented in Dynatrace Oversaw rendition 1.158. We've included a uniform REST Programming interface that is called by the installer to watch that any prior hub establishments are finished before any new establishments are started. Prior to continuing with establishment, the installer demands the bunch state and stops establishment if the group isn't prepared to be stretched out with another hub.
Including another hub is outwardly spoken to in the Landing page of the Bunch The executives Comfort by means of a different tile titled Joining. While joining, the tile is shown in white (or red if a mistake happens).
Amid the joining procedure, you can tap the tile to achieve a page that shows the subtleties of the procedure.

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