Learn Professional New Style Makeup at Home

You should have the proper knowledge about the skin tone. Apply any kind of base that suitable your skin complexion. Liquid bases are usually perfect in winter. 2nd step is to make eyes. Make full eyes with the same color. And then make lid line on lower side of eyes. The main thing in eye makeup is a liner. In this picture I told you a diver’s means to way apply eye liner. I divide it in different step as you can see in the picture. Next you should have routine eye lashes. Eye lashes are very important in the eye makeup.

It built a new look on your face to show off your face. Lenses are very significant for the makeup. Lens color gives a different look. Avoid to using double shade of lens color it looks artificial personality. Thirdly make nose controlling. Avoid with the oily shades during the nose controlling. 4thly apply blush on your chicks according your face shape that is very important. 5th make a lip shape with the outliner pencil. Then apply lipstick color with the lip brush. It will give you a fine look on your face controlling with the passage given by the picture. Face powder is the very important thing in the makeup. Its control your base and helps to control base. You can learn with the help of picture.


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